Osborn Tree Care is a professional tree care company servicing the Portland, Oregon area. Rob Osborn is an Arborist with over 25 years experience. He offers excellent tree care at reasonable rates. Osborn Tree Care also has a certified Arborist on staff.

Tree Services Offered:

  • Tree Pruning/Thinning
  • Recovery from Tree Topping/Hacking
Thundercloud plum. before, and after

Thundercloud plum – before, and after tree pruning

Thundercloud plum. before, and after pruning by Osborn Tree Care
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Careful to not damage your tree with construction

Take care to not inadvertently kill your tree with construction

Dying Photinia after patio installation. Pavers, plastic, and fill dirt removed. Soil grade lowered back to original level. Fungus Armillaria attacking buried tree trunk
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Thinning improves your view and helps to aerate the foliage

Large Camellia Japonica hedge thinned – before and after
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